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Lip tatouage can help accentuate the outlines and colour of lips. It is also used to change the natural outline of lips if desired. In some cases, permanent make-up can help to cover up minor scares. Since lips are not only defined by its outlines but also by its contour, it is not advised to make significant changes, as this will not result in a natural look.
Eye brow tatouage with hair strokes is  a technique to restore eye brows while keeping a natural look. It can also be used to change the natural shape of eye brows if desired or darken very light blond or red eye brows.
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Tattoos are a form of body modification where ink is injected into the skin. Since th 70’s, kin art has become a part of the Western fashion to all economic classes and age groups. It can aslo be used to cover scares and skin pigmentation problems.
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My interest in permanent make-up and ink-art (tattoos) started a few years ago and soon became a passion. I realised that passion and interrest is not good enough in this trade, so I enrolled in various courses for permanent cosmetic makeup techniques and tattooing. Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and enhanced my skill set accordingly. I met many people that shared the same passion, some of them were happy and with no regrets, but some of them were also disappointed with the results of the permanent makeup, or simply having an outdated tattoo left over from past times. I was asked many times how to improve, correct or get rid of permanent makeup and tattoos that are simply not desired anymore in the state they are.  I finally desided to share my experience on a personal website and provide advise where desired. This includes advise on the right choice of permanent makeup and tattoos, how it is done and what eqipment is used to achieve satisfying results. IMPORTANT INFORMATION The details provided here on my website are for informational purpose and may vary from the oppinion of others working in the same trade. My intention is solely to inform and advise rather than providing ultimate expert guidance in htis regard. This website is in the early stage of development and more relevant informatin will be added regularily. While the information is not too comprehensive yet and the photo galery limited to a few photographs, I will work continually to improve the content accordingly. 
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